Transition from jQuery to AngularJS

Prerequisite knowledge

jQuery and CSS

You need to familiar with jQuery to take full advantage of this article. For example, the following line of code should be intuitive to you:

Furthermore, you should be able to explain:

  • The difference between .filter() and .find()
  • ‘this’ in $.each() function, and in jQuery event handler
  • $.fn


You should be able to understand basic angular example below. Note: <html>, <head> are not included in below example
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Getting Started Webpack With ES6 And ReactJS

Getting Started Webpack With ES6 And ReactJS #AngularJS

  • bundle.js:605 [WDS] Hot Module Replacement enabled.
  • npm i –save-dev babel-core babel-loader babel-preset-es2015 babel-preset-react react react-dom webpack-dev-server
  • ☞ Build Apps with React Native
  • import React from ‘react’; import {render} from ‘react-dom’; class App extends React.

There are a dozen or so tutorials on how to configure the webpack module bundler for ES6 and React with Hot Module Replacement
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Set up OAuth2 server using Laravel Passport

Set up OAuth2 server using Laravel Passport

#laravel #php #angularjs #oauth2 #html5 #css

  • Laravel PHP – Create a Social Network (Full App)
  • Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.
  • Shameer C wrote a good tutorial on how to set up OAuth2 server using the new Laravel 5.3 feature.
  • Creating an API using Laravel 5.1
  • SERIES: Build an app with Laravel 5 (backend) and AngularJS (frontend) – Part 1

One of the bestselling Laravel books! Learning Laravel 5 shows you a fastest way to learn developing web applications using Laravel 5 PHP framework
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  • A simple and cool angular directive which interacts with box and dropbox file pickers
  • ); } $scope.onBoxSuccess = function (files) { angular.forEach(files, function (file, index) { console.log(file); }); } $scope.onBoxCancel = function () { console.log(‘Box close/cancel!’
  • Create scope to handle choosed files
  • Latest commit 95fca7c Aug 29, 2016 samarhaider – Adding methods of handling files and close
  • angular.module(‘DropboxControllers’, [‘dropbox-picker’]) .config([‘DropBoxSettingsProvider’, function(DropBoxSettingsProvider) { // Configure the options DropBoxSettingsProvider.configure({ linkType: ‘preview’,//dropbox link type multiselect: true,//dropbox multiselect extensions: [‘.

angular-dropbox-box-picker – A simple and cool angular directive which interacts with box and dropbox file pickers
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